We will be happy to publish your creative work on environment-human relations and companionship.

Send submissions to: or reach out via our FB page Eco-read SUM

Submission should entail:

  • your name or pen-name
  • your art: we recommend sharing via Dropbox, or other software that allows for full quality-upload of your images as well as for direct communication of the images’ titles, or additional information, if there is any.
  • © all rights reserved sign will accompany your gallery page, but you are yourself responsible for protecting the images you share with us. You can do this by signing them with a watermark, sign them with © and your name at the bottom of the image, or at the very least by making sure the files themselves have inscribed your name on them (contact us for further supervision). This is voluntary, but highly recommended, as we are not responsible for such protection of your work.
  • a very short note on who you are and why you want to join Eco-read’s platform
  • if you want us to post a description of yourself and your work onto the page itself, please send us the layout of such description in addition to the art-work.