Creative work on Eco-Read

Would you like to show your creative work in the collective network of the eco-read community? Would you like to be connected with other people daring and caring to share their first-person narrative voice through means other-than-words? Are you interested in entanglements within environment-human relationships? We encourage young people to publish their creative ways of communicating the continuity between the human and more-than-human. Artists and creative souls may display works that share a message of co-living and symbiopoiesis. Eco-read community understands everyone as being capable of creative expression: as it is merely attention and one’s intention, guiding one to express art and flow of intuition. As humanity faces climate change, artistic and creative expressions open new doors and pathways into the art of living-together, which is always bigger than surviving, or facing the change only. Creativity in such sense makes peace across different scales of understanding. It requires honesty and teaches one to listen, de-plan and be attentive to the embodied perspectives of first-person subjectivity and perception of what all of us have in common: the planetary.

Can you show through your art what is broken in today’s nature-human relationship? Can you show your response to how individual or collective spaces could shift in thinking about the concepts and relations of human and other-than-human people? Do you have a vision, a dream, that can come to expression and estrangement only through a non-academic outlet, through art and creativity? Eco-read welcomes photographs, paintings, drawings, poems, creative writing, song lyrics, or combined techniques.

Voices thus far published:

Disclaimer: Eco-read deliberately chooses to co-create, de-plan and be vulnerable through connecting/or colliding with inspiring people willing to share their voice through creative means. We are certain, with gravity, that such an approach is important and needed; that is why there always will be certain level of freedom and flexibility from our side when inviting you in. We cannot, and do not want to, pre-order you with what we think is the “correct” or “artistic enough” way of expressing the critical continuity described above.

We are, and will be, developing as we grow, together with you. This means we are open to listening and making changes according to your suggestions, if we agree with their objectives. That is part of our statement of co-living and creating together: not to shape this platform, or you, but to allow Eco-read to get shaped in meeting you. We invite artists and creative people into a real and embodied (as opposed to discursive) space, shaping an alternative to the ongoing public and academic debate. Our aim is to put people in touch with one another, through their very own connection to art, creativity, land, their body, feelings, cognitive space, their fears about future, their love for nature, and environmental concerns in general. These voices are expected to represent the multitudes of ways of how continuities are possible.This is thus not a space to be judgmental about art as such, or art as discipline. We do not, by any means encourage continuation of colonial concepts of art, individualism and competition.

It is a daring venture to ask someone for a creative, personal testimony. It means an invitation to unlearn, and learn anew, across disciplines, backgrounds and expectations, together.

Your feedback is and will be creating today’s and tomorrow’s identity of Eco-read. Above all, your art and creative expression are, and will be, deeply valued and taken seriously, with all honor and credit due.