Connected projects

One of the main goals of Eco-read platform is to connect projects and initiatives; to put them into contact with one another and create productive continuities and collaborations.

Eco-read is already now connected to several platforms and sister projects:

Arne Næss Programme on Global Justice and the Environment brings young researchers, leading international thinkers (such as Polly Higgins, Eva Joly, James Lovelock and Stephan Harding, Lawrence Buell or David Abram, and others) and practitioners from diverse fields to stimulate novel solutions to socio-environmental challenges of our time. This year’s Arne Næss chair is being awarded to Anthony Giddens, currently Life Fellow at King’s College, Cambridge and the member of the House of Lords – one of the most prominent sociologists of our time. Join our webinar with Anthony Giddens on September 17th 2020 here.

EcoPod podcasts are created by Arne Næss grandholders 2020 and the wider group of Arne Næss students, together with Nina Witoszek. Inspired by Arne Næss, in these podcasts we discuss suppressed or underexplored themes relating to the most burning questions of our time – from the climate crisis to our post-pandemic future. Always with a deep ecologic twist.

Environ is a reading group run in collaboration with the Oslo School for Environmental Humanities. It organises monthly meetings at Oslo University to discuss the latest developments in the fields of ecocriticism, environmental philosophy and politics, and environmental history. It is hosted by Laura op de Beke, PhD fellow at the university. Environ is open to anyone who wants to join, and welcomes suggestions for new readings. For a record of the group’s previous topics check out the blog.

— We greatly support a sister project Imaginations Beyond Crisis Collective, a group of young people from Chile, Uganda, India, Canada, South Africa, Germany and Australia “interested in critical analyses of local and global social power structures in these times.” They “aim to establish conversations around the globe on how these transformations should look like,” and call for papers and submissions of various kinds, in search for “diverse perspectives that imagine and inspire a more socially just and ecologically sustainable way of living together”.

We hope to connect and inspire further. Let us know if you have a network or a project you would like to link to Eco-read. You never know who’s life it will change.

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