About Daniela Grosu

Daniela Grosu

My name is Daniela Grosu and I am a Moldovan born Romanian artist currently based in Oslo, Norway. Though my brain cells and synapses are formed and trained in the financial world, my soul belongs to the world of beauty.  Art in its all shapes and colors has always been an escape and a place where I can express my creativity and deeper self. Along the years I’ve gathered experience and inspiration for my works through multiple roles, as florist, wood carving artist and ceramic painter. Along the road, not even fully realizing it, I accumulated an immense love and compassion for the incredibly beautiful yet fragile natural world.

In my drive to discover the beauty of nature I get my inspiration from the rural flora and landscapes. Here I find it easier to observe the ancient and inseparable connection of human and natural worlds, and the intricate ways in which they influence each other. I seek to draw attention to the currently lost material and non-material values of the traditional agricultural communities. Through my work, I am looking to celebrate the pastoral beauty and the sacred communion of man and nature.

My last two collections of paintings are Pastoral Nature and When galaxies collide. I love to paint in earthy and pastel colors which are meant to deliver a sense of warmth, care, calmness and simplicity. You can check them all on my site http://www.myrucksackofideas.com, where you can also find other interesting projects.

A few of my other passions are gardening, embroidery, ceramic art and baking.